Tree Lighting Near Lake Stevens

Discover what tree lighting near Lake Stevens can do for your home with a consultation at Easy Green Landscaping. Here we’ve been helping commercial and residential property owners get the look and feel they want in their yards for years. For decades, people have counted on our team to provide all their landscaping, hardscaping, and lighting needs at affordable prices.

We have you covered, from building a rock wall to installing a pathway. Take time to see the benefits this addition can bring to your home, or call us today for a free consultation:


There are numerous added benefits to installing tree lighting on your property. Theft and damage to the home or commercial property are reduced by nearly 20% for starters. Others find that this adds an element of safety as navigating terrain in the dark can be dangerous. Still, others love that people who arrive at their home or office after dark can safely enter without worry. Others love that this adds to the curb appeal and property value.


When you call our office, a design technician is dispatched right away. We come out to the property, survey the current layout, and discuss what trees you want lit. We will evaluate the trees themselves to find the best type of light and placement for the most benefit. We’ve got you covered whether you want to highlight a path or deter crime. We provide you with a full-cost estimate to evaluate and approve before completing any work.

You’re sure to love your new tree lighting near Lake Stevens by Easy Green Landscaping. Call our office today at (425) 272-9401 to set up a consultation for your installation.