Best Ideas For Deck Lighting In Monroe

Best Ideas For Deck Lighting In Monroe

Best Ideas For Deck Lighting In Monroe

Once you have put some work into your exterior and you have a deck that you would like to enjoy, it is time to think about deck lighting in Monroe. After the sun goes down, strategically placed lighting on and around your deck helps to illuminate the space. Doing so allows you more time in the evening hours where you can enjoy time with your friends and family.

There are many ways that our professional lighting installation team at Easy Green Landscaping can help you with deck lighting, including:

Stair Lights

When you add lights to the stairs of your deck, it adds subtle hints of lighting while also making the deck safer to navigate in the dark.

String Lights

You have the option to add hanging deck lights, or string lighting, in your choice of colors around your deck. This creates an atmosphere that is both fun and inviting all year long.

Under-Table Lights

Many homeowners that have an outdoor cooking area or grill have found that adding lighting under the workspace is a great choice. This is a nice way for you to have a clearer picture of what you are doing if you are cooking in the evening hours.

Recessed Deck Lights

Do you have a deck with overhead protection? If so, we can go over your options for recessed deck lighting. What this does is give you lighting where the elements are protected from the weather and will not call for constant cleaning.

In-Floor Lights

We can talk with you about low-voltage lights for illuminating your deck floor. This includes lights near the steps, seating, or around the corners of the deck.

No matter what you are thinking of, we can help with the lighting to make your deck truly shine in the evening time.

Call Easy Green Landscaping if you want to learn how to get beautiful deck lighting in Monroe. You can reach us at (425) 272-9401.