Let Us Help You Achieve Your Dream Of Paver Or Flagstone Installation

Let Us Help You Achieve Your Dream Of Paver Or Flagstone Installation

Let Us Help You Achieve Your Dream Of Paver Or Flagstone Installation

Have you been pondering changes around your Lake Stevens property? New pavers or flagstone might make a wonderful addition to your hardscaping plans, and Easy Green Landscaping is the team you want on the job. We have the experience and manpower to ensure your project is handled with ease.

Selecting the right natural stone or paver for hardscaping projects depends on many factors. Whether you are a contractor or homeowner, you have to consider available options and personal tastes to create a space that is both functional and visibly appealing. Pavers and flagstone have long been some of the top choices when it comes to patios, walkways, driveways, and more.

Pavers Vs. Flagstone

Each product comes with various pros and cons that should be analyzed based on preferences and needs. For example:

  • Flagstone will give you an organic, earthy look that can last forever and require minimal maintenance. However, it can be expensive to buy and install. This natural stone includes slate, bluestone, travertine, limestone, and sandstone.
  • Pavers can offer a broader range of design choices and usually tend to be less expensive and labor-intensive to install. However, pavers can require frequent maintenance. Concrete pavers are manufactured and come in various sizes and patterns. Therefore you can have countless options to create a customized look with all the designs, thicknesses, and color variations you need.

If you are unsure about using pavers or flagstone for a project you have in mind, Easy Green Landscaping is always here to help. Our technicians understand the characteristics of each material and will work to educate you on the best installation for you so that you can make an informed decision for your investment.

Call (425) 272-9401 and discuss your options for pavers or flagstone installation in Lake Stevens with our Easy Green Landscaping team.